First swimwear blog trumped by Prince George...thanks

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How could the 3 year old Prince do that I hear you say?

Well, let me tell you...

On our recent holiday to Pollenca in Majorca (a place I would completely recommend for a holiday and something I may come back to in a later blog), my wife, Emma, and I decided to publish a blog alongside our website

The idea being to share our stories of beach travel, beach fashion, basically all things beach, sunshine holidays and swimming in crystal clear waters.

As parents of a 3 and a 1/2 year old girl and a just walking 14 month old boy, we want to add a little focus on doing this with children and on a reasonable budget because as we all know our dear little children can be quite a drain on the funds.  

Well I say a reasonable budget, that is what I look for, my wife is a paediatric nurse with an amazing eye for fashion so she is looking for quality, class, style and co-ordination as well as the more important things like UV protection and comfort.

First Question - where shall we start?

Em looks over at our little girl and says that swimming costume is the best quality and cutest thing I have ever seen...agreed!!!

Sunava reversible swimsuit

For Emma's checklist its got:

  • 50+ UV protection
  • feels fabulous quality
  • dries quickly
  • is a gorgeous colour
  • super comfortable.

For my list:

  • its reversible...that's 2 for the price for one, result.

Our little one is obsessed with pink at the moment but loves both sides of this costume.

Its not cheap, but its definitely going to last and is an absolute winner from  You can keep an eye out for deals on their website.

I know you can already see where Prince George fits into this.  Just as I was writing this, out pops the news that 3rd in line to the throne is wearing Sunuva and its all over the news

Anyway, its great news for a great company that sells a great product.  

And just so you know, I am in no way attached to Sunuva.  I am just a lover of great products and think that we should shout from the rooftops when we find one.

I hope you liked my first blog and i'll be back with more soon.


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